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“Sugar Rush” Raises Over $57,000 for Spark

Sugar Rush 2013 - NYK

This past Friday (Feb 5th), NYK attended “Sugar Rush”, a charity event for Spark Chicago, held at Hotel Allegro.

Spark is one of those organizations that everyone can get behind- a simple, noble cause that uses real-world experience to get real results. Spark finds at-risk youths, asks themwhat they would like to do after high school/college, then directly enrolls them as apprentice at a real business in that field. As an apprentice, they are able to truly see, experience, and understand what more they could become, and gain strong, personal motivation to push them onward through high school and college. Best of all, any company- large, small, or just yourself- can become part of Spark.  Just sign up here!



The event itself was a great compliment to Spark- many talented chefs brought out their best custom desserts and hors de vours. Represented the event were: Chef Jimmy MacMilllan’s cherry punch cake from JMPurePastry, Chef Stephanie Mazzone’s huckleberry poptart from MK The Restaurant, Chef Nick Bajal’s braised lamb belly from Atwood Cafe, Chef Jove Hubbard’s pink grapefruit poundcake from PrimeHouse, Chef Greg Mosko’s enrobed dark chocolate mousse cake from North Pond, Chef Luis Silva’s braised port shoulder from 312 Chicago, Chef Thomas Raquel’s rosemary popcorn bon bon from Acadia, Chef Roger Waysok’s bacon cotton candy from South Water Kitchen, and Chef Dana Cree’s goat cheese cheesecake from Blackbird.

Each table also had several unique items that guests could bid on via silent auction, with the proceeds going to Spark. Through this and other generous donations, over $57,000 was raised at the Sugar Rush event!