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Far’Falla Girl Cocktails for Confidence

Far'Falla Girl Cocktails for Confidence at Rockit Bar & Grill

Far’Falla Girl Cocktails for Confidence 

Come out and enjoy an evening of light bites and cocktails while learning all about Far’falla Girl and our mission to make a difference in the next generation, as well as volunteer opportunities available for our upcoming Confidence tour kicking off in Chicago on June 17th.

Beyond the Scars is a Confidence tour and art exhibits that takes you into the hearts, minds, and lives of Far’falla Girls on their emotional and confidence building journey with art therapy. Far’falla Girl is a 501(c)(3) confidence building, empathy awareness, and interactive art therapy program for girls 14-21 years old.

Must be 21+ to attend.

Tickets are $25 each (includes 1 drink ticket and light bites). Cash bar available at the event. Purchase your Cocktails for Confidence tickets here.

For more information, feel free to contact Far’falla Girl at


Hi, my name is Katie Cahnmann and I am the founder and owner of Now You Know Events. As many of you may know I am also a school counselor and educator. Far’falla Girl founder Lauren, offered her incredible program to my students at ACE Technical Charter High School and it was LIFE CHANGING for my girls!!!!

I watched their amazing transformation from scared, angry, traumatized caterpillars to beautiful, confident butterflies. Students who were not on track to graduate, not only graduated but are now excelling in college. Students who were constantly in trouble for fighting were able to learn healthy conflict resolution skills. Students who had enough and honestly didn’t want to live any longer, learned to value themselves and found a reason to not only live but live with purpose!

Trust me, this program is life changing! And with your support can transform hundreds and thousands of young girls from caterpillars to butterflies.

Get your tickets here. 

Far'falla Girl Cocktails for Confidence 2017