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The Makeup Show Chicago 2017: Uncovering Beauty Trends and Secrets

The Makeup Show Chicago 2017

The Makeup Show Chicago 2017: Uncovering Beauty Trends and Secrets

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but having access to quality skincare and makeup products sure doesn’t hurt! Each year I look forward to the return of the makeup show in Chicago. Even though I personally do not wear a ton of makeup, there are several factors that ignite my excitement for the show. For starters, there is the media VIP preview with none other than makeup extraordinaire James Vincent. He is the guru of all things involving makeup and skincare, in my opinion at least.

Seriously though, James Vincent is always on the forefront of what’s new, what’s trendy, and what truly gets the job done. And he just so happens to love our windy city! So what’s not to love about him. Each year James turns me onto new products that are life changing and this year was absolutely no different. So without further ado, I present to you my list of top 5 beauty finds from the makeup show Chicago 2017 that include brands recommended by James as well as brands that caught my attention as I walked the showroom floor.

The Makeup Show Chicago 2017 Hawaiian Moon Aloe

Hawaiian Moon Aloe

Say goodbye to dry skin with Hawaiian Moon Aloe made with 100% organic aloe. As I was passing by this booth, my initial thought was…. “infomercial!” Though a bit skeptic, I was also intrigued. And I’m glad I let my curiosity lead the way.  This product boasts a whole heck of lot…. perhaps even some miracles that seem impossible but I wanted to know more and I wanted to try it for myself. Customers who have tried Hawaiian Moon Aloe reported improvements in acne, bruises, burns, cuts, eczema, insect bites, rashes, sunburns, and more. The list goes on.

I was able to try some of the aloe at the show and immediately noticed a difference in my skin tone and my tattoos also looked more vibrant. They were offering a great deal at the show with a 100% money back guarantee. Both great deals but what really sold me is how environmentally and socially conscious they are at the company. The product is manufactured in a 100% renewable wind energy powered facility. And all of their jars are filled and packaged by developmentally disabled adults through a contract with United Way.

Now to put the product to the test. I bought a 9oz jar and received a small travel size jar complimentary. I have been using the aloe for the last few weeks to see if it really makes a difference. I don’t suffer from many of the skin irritations customers listed that the aloe helped but overall, my skin is softer. And I also suffered a severe sunburn this week from a day at the beach so knew this was the time to truly put the product to the test. I spent too much time in the sun this past Sunday and though I was wearing sunscreen I still got sunburned everywhere! Over the last few days, I have been using the Hawaiian Moon Aloe on my burn and am happy with the results. It’s been three days and I feel very little pain, my skin is not dry, and I have absolutely no itching. I would definitely use it again for sunburn though I pray I won’t have to again.

I would also use the product for everyday use which I have been doing. I think it definitely keeps my skin moisturized and a little bit goes a long way.

The Makeup Show Chicago 2017 Twinmedix Pro: Essentials

Twinmedix Pro: Essentials

Vitamins provide vital nutrients that can help with certain health problems. Twinmedix Pro: Essentials is a ProVitamin Skincare set that offers pure transformation. It is a topical system that features anti-oxidants, botanicals, and vitamins to transform your skin for a younger, healthier looking you. Their pharmaceutical-grade, pure concentration vitamins are entirely free of chemical preservatives and fragrances. You can use the skincare system anytime to help revive and restore dull skin.

There are five products included in the full system. All products are paraben-free, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free. The set consists of o2 Oxygen Mask, X Smart Exfoliator Gel, A15 15% Retinol, C10 10% L’Ascorbic Acid, and E5 5% Tocopherol.

O2 releases oxygen into the skin so your complexion instantly looks fresher and brighter. This formula is rich in anti-oxidants and cleanses deep into pores while removing dirt. Moisturizing botanical extracts combats the appearance of age spots and visibly repair photodamage.

X removes dead skin cells with the smoothing power of Dead Sea Salt. By gently massaging problem areas, Dead Sea Salt renews the complexion and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, leaving the skin looking radiant. Also formulated with plant extracts to deliver necessary nutrients for moisturizing extremely dry skin.

A15 has 15% retinol which is a powerful anti-aging ingredient that combats the appearance of wrinkles, large pores, dull skin, and photodamage. Retinol minimizes the look of enlarged pores by accelerated skin turnover and reducing the amount of dead cells that clog your skin. It also amplifies collagen for a firmer, more elastic appearance.

C10 combats hyperpigmentation due to inflammation, sun damage, and age. Vitamin C also inhibits MMP, the enzyme in your skin that breaks down collagen. By inhibiting this enzyme, Vitamin C allows your own collagen to flourish so that you can start seeing a more firm and lifted complexion.

E5 combats free radicals, sun damage, and redness. Vitamin E naturally occurs in your skin, and functions by protecting cells from oxidative stress. However, sunlight exposure can deplete antioxidant and cause premature aging. Vitamin E also helps to moisturize the skin and is often used for wound care.

Great skin care is vital to me and I try my hardest to take the best care of my skin as I can. Unfortunately, I have acquired some sun damage over the years and this pro: essentials skincare system just might be the solution I have been searching for over the years.

Makeup Show Chicago 2017 Tei Spa Beauty Ojo Renew Thermal Ion Facial Massager

Tei Spa Beauty Ojo Renew Thermal Ion Facial Massager

ojo Renew improves the absorption and efficacy of your favorite serums and creams. It helps fight the signs of aging by increasing circulations and toning the skin. The gentle vibration helps to relieve stress and tension on our face where we carry it the most. Releasing toxins and waste, therefore, improving the overall health of our skin. The two-function setting can either provide a warming effect on the skin, or a cool setting for the more sensitive/sensitized skin types. Both settings provide micro-current and massage. It’s creative head design allows for the ojo RENEW to reach every inch of skin around the eyes and corners of the mouth.

The system is small and easily portable so it’s great to take anywhere. It’s also quickly recharged with a USB cable.

Kit Includes:

  • ojo RENEW device
  • 24 Karat Gold Firming Serum
  • USB Recharge Cord

I love that this system offers two settings and I love even more that it helps increase circulation and tones the skin. I plan to incorporate the facial massager into my daily skincare routine.

Makeup Show Chicago 2017 Georgette Klinger Skincare

Georgette Klinger

As I mentioned previously, great skincare is so important to me. They say you should put your best face forward and that is my goal…. literally and figuratively. I want a natural, safe skincare regime at an affordable cost and I think Georgette Klinger is the answer! The company believes that what you put on your skin is just as important as what you pit in your body. All of their skincare products are formulated to be paraben-free, dye-free, cruelty-free, and are made in the United States.

Georgette Klinger is a full skincare line with a variety of cleansers, toners, masks, makeup removers, facial mists, moisturizers, eye creams, exfoliants, and serums. Most of the products range from $10-$30 with the serums costing a bit more at $52 and $68. So, everything is very affordable.

Along with be fair-priced, the products are also gentle on the skin and feel amazing. I am currently in love with their cleaners and makeup remover. I have adapted their Green Tea Cream Cleanser, Vitamin C Toner, Primrose Eye Cream, and Bamboo Exfoliating Scrub into my daily skincare routine. I absolutely MUST add one of their moisturizers to my regime.

Makeup Show Chicago 2017 Henry Charles Designer Cosmetic Bags

Henry Charles Designer Cosmetic Bags

I’ve always been very fashion forward so when I eyed Henry Charles Designer Cosmetic Bags at the makeup show this year I had to get a closer look. There’s no question that Henry Charles sells some of the absolutely most stylish cosmetic bags on the market. And most of their eye-catching bags can double as clutches, coin purses, pencil cases, and more.

Stay organized and stylish with any of Henry Charles cosmetic and toiletry bags for both men and women! Though their bags are slightly pricier than your average makeup bag, they are made of the highest quality, will withstand the test of time, are super chic, double as purses, and will keep you incredibly organized.

Henry Charles is redefining cosmetic organization blurring the lines between beauty and fashion. The name was partially inspired by the founder’s grandfather Charles coupled with the name Henry often associated with kings and rulers. The team celebrates equal parts masculinity and femininity and blurs the lines of gender on very commonly associated feminine items such as beauty accessories.

Though I wasn’t able to add one of the Henry Charles bags to my collection just yet, I have my eye on a couple that I know I will soon make mine and I cannot wait!

Makeup Show Chicago 2017 Ten Words: A Guide for Action and Progress by Michael DeVellis

***Bonus: Michael Devellis Book, Ten Words: A Guide for Action and Progress

Whether you are in the makeup biz or just need a kick in the pants to get moving and motivated, Ten Words is a must read! Michael DeVellis’ book is a guide to action and progress. He shares 10 keywords for a stronger career, more meaningful relationships, and a remarkably focused life!

Everyone hits roadblocks in life and can occasionally experience lows so Michael wrote this book to give people some guidance to help pull themselves together. It originally began as a keynote to the makeup show in New York ten years ago so it’s only fitting that a decade later, the book has officially been published and available to everyone!

It’s a quick, easy read with some great tips and advice. Ten Words is going to be my staple coffee table book, not just because Michael DeVellis himself signed it but because it truly is a great pick me up offering sound and sage advice.

Katie Cahmann