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Theater Oobleck A Memory Palace of Fear

Theater Oobleck A Memory Palace of Fear

Theater Oobleck A Memory Palace of Fear

What haunts your house? Eviction? Lead? Mice? Ghosts? A Memory Palace of Fear is a haunted house about housing and other real-world fears—an immersive theater installation exploring the ways the spaces we call home can turn from refuge to menace, and back again, employing performance, text, sound, and visual art elements to seek common ground between the haunted houses of ghost stories and Halloween entertainment and the troubles that haunt Chicago.

Created by Martha Bayne and Andrea Jablonski the show features performers and contributing artists Emmy Bean, Jean Carlos Claudio, Lily Emerson, Heather Gabel, Sara Heymann, Billie Howard, Sharon Lanza, Charlie Malave, Kat McJimsey, and Gabriel X. Michael, with more to come.

Tickets are now on sale here. Tours start every 30 minutes, with a running time of approximately half an hour; plan on a full hour for your visit to enjoy supplemental programming. First two tours of each date are designed for younger audiences; later shows not recommended for children under 10.

And check out the “micro-podcast” produced by Billie Howard featuring sounds and music from the show.

Opens Thursday October 19th and closes on Halloween.
Silent Funny, 4106 W. Chicago Ave.
For the full schedule go to or brown paper tickets

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