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Midwest Flow Chicago Free Performing Arts Festival

09/09/2017 all-day
Daily until 09/10/2017
Midwest Flow Fest 2017
1700 S Wentworth Ave
Chicago, IL 60616
$40; $60

Midwest Flow Chicago Free Performing Arts Festival

Midwest Flow Chicago Free Performing Arts Festival

What are FLOW ARTS?

Flow arts are forms of movement and dance that utilize props to enter a state of flow, described by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi as an exhilarating transcendent way of being in which effortless control and peak skill seem to erase a sense of time. Flow arts props include poi, staff and hoops; dancers manipulate props to add to the expressive qualities of their dance. The result is an awe-inspiring visual spectacle of improvised movement that inspires an audience to reconsider kinetic possibilities.

What are FLOW FESTS?

Flow Fests, presented by Monkey Dust Productions, are free public festivals that also offer master artist workshops for dance participants by day, and flow parties with live music by night. Workshops in the areas of Prop Manipulation, (hoop dance, juggling, poi and staff spinning), Dance (Bellydance, African Dance, Capoeira, Breakdance, etc), and Yoga (and Acro Yoga) will run simultaneously, giving participants as many as 4 different dance and flow arts workshop opportunities at any given time. This allows novice participants the option of sampling different skills sets and styles, and maintains the rigor of depth within each form for expert dancers looking to sharpen their skills.

How much are workshops?

All workshops are included in the Weekend Workshop Pass, or you can buy a single day pass. Weekend Workshop Passes are $60,  Single Day Workshop Passes are $40.  EARLY BIRD WEEKEND WORKSHOP PASSES will be available until August 1 for $50.

So it’s FREE to watch?

We aren’t fans of fences; we are working to make flow arts MORE ACCESSIBLE. So please come for FREE, and get excited about what we’re doing. There will be music throughout the weekend, and lots of dancing. We’re also offering a unique collection of arts and crafts vendors, many selling flow props that are hand-crafted and hard to find. Additionally, free workshops and free performances are scheduled throughout the day and into the evening to support the general public in getting into the flow!

MidWest Flow Fest 2017 
1700 S Wentworth Ave, Chicago, IL 

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