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Galerie F Familiar Faces Exhibit

12/09/2016 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Galerie F
2381 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

Galerie F Familiar Faces Exhibit

Galerie F Familiar Faces Exhibit

Galerie F is looking to wrap up the year with a hot knock-out show, Familiar Faces, just in time for the holiday season. We’re bringing together the best makers and mashers of characters and mascots! This collection will feature 12″x 12″ works from local street artists with beloved mascots as well as artists near and far who use recognizable characters from popular culture — or have an iconic style that’s all their own. Last but not least we’ve brought out some mashup masters who have an eye for seamlessly weaving different figures, faces and places together.

This high-energy exhibition is sure to have many, many pieces that hit close to the heart. The walls will be lined with characters from your everyday walks, from your childhood, from beyond.

Celebrate the end of the year with Galerie F and also the end of an era. That’s right — this is the very last show that Galerie F will host in this space at 2381 N Milwaukee before we relocate (details to come)! Don’t miss this monumental event. Just don’t.

Check out our game-changing line-up:

  • 7Sketches
  • Adrian K
  • Ali6
  • Angelonce
  • ARREXskulls
  • Atomik
  • Big Teeff
  • Brain Killer
  • Brian Reedy
  • Cache
  • Captain Kris
  • ChinaCat663
  • Deth P. Sun
  • Elloo
  • El Barto
  • Enrique Reyes
  • Epyon5
  • Ethos
  • Fresco
  • Glass Cuisine
  • Goop Massta
  • Goosenek
  • Greg and Fake
  • Jason Rowland
  • JC Rivera
  • Jeroen Huijbregts
  • JH Jones
  • Junkyard
  • Kill Taupe
  • KreweduZoo
  • Lauren Asta
  • Leroy Drown
  • LUCX
  • Nugget
  • Mac Blackout
  • Marthalicia Matarrita
  • Matt Linehamm
  • Matt Siren
  • McBess
  • MelonJames
  • Mosher
  • Mr. Switch
  • mute0n
  • Paul Rentler
  • EYEZ
  • Penny Pinch
  • Raul Ra
  • Rocketboy
  • Robots Will Kill
  • Rodney Dollah
  • Rome Won
  • Roswelly
  • Sentrock
  • Sike Style
  • Slang
  • T-Money
  • Tararchy
  • Theory
  • They Drift
  • Wizard Skull
  • Wundr
  • Zero Productivity

FAMILIAR FACES is proudly sponsored by Perrier and, for the first time ever, Metropolitan Brewing. You’re invited to enjoy these bubbly beverages at this free event!

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