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The Best Chicago Events Calendar

Staff Bios

Meet the minds behind NowYouKnow

Katie Cahnmann, CEO and Editor in Chief
Katie has always loved fashion and meeting new people.  She obtained a graduate degree in counseling from The University of Georgia and completed post-graduate work in psychology at Northern Illinois University. During her studies she developed excellent customer service skills while maintaining an eye for design.  Her personal style and excellent social skills make it easy for her to build rapport with all clientele.  A native of the windy city with a curious and observant mind whose always in the know makes her the perfect concierge for the city of Chicago.  She utilizes her knowledge, skills and creativity to keep our fans in the know of all the best events in Chicago.

Kayoua Xiong, Chief of Design and Photography
Kayoua has always been inspired by great artists and avant-garde fashion designers. She moved from Minnesota to Chicago to finish her BA at the Art Institute, and continues to hone her craft, working on professional and personal projects. Kayoua collaborates with many artists and designers, to bring an edge to her fashion photography that is unique in Chicago. She employs her background in art to design media for NYK, photograph events, and record exclusive video interviews with local artists and designers and entrepreneurs.