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Staff Bios

Katie Cahnmann

Katie Cahnmann, Owner and Editor in Chief

Katie has an eclectic background covering an array of expertise.  She obtained a graduate degree in counseling from The University of Georgia and completed post-graduate work in school counseling at Northern Illinois University. During her studies she developed excellent customer service skills while maintaining an eye for design and a love for food and fun.  Her personal style and excellent social skills make it easy for her to build rapport with all clientele.

While working as the Director of Social Support for a southside Chicago charter high school, Katie realized she needed an outlet for the emotionally and mentally draining work she was doing full-time. She started attending social events outside of work meeting many great people. It quickly became apparent that most people were in need of positive outlets outside of their full-time jobs.

Katie along with three friends co-founded Now You Know Events to provide that outlet for others creating one of the best Chicago events calendars available making it simple for residents and visitors to find out about the best events in and around the city. From fashion to food, charity, sports, music, festivals, and more, Now You Know Events will keep your social calendar booked.

A native of the windy city with a curious and observant mind whose always in the know makes her the perfect concierge for the city of Chicago.  She utilizes her knowledge, skills and creativity to keep our fans in the know of all the best events in Chicago.

In addition to running Now You Know Events, Katie is also the Food & Drink Editor for Chicago Woman magazine, the Website Coordinator for Lord Companies, on the Advisory Board for Ryan Bank Academy, and a freelance consultant for event planning. Outside of work, Katie loves to travel, learn about different cultures, try a variety of food, meet new people, empower others, volunteer, and write about food, traveling, and life.