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Check Please Host Catherine De Orio Gives Back As Executive Director of Kendall College Trust

Catherine De Orio

Check Please Host Catherine De Orio Gives Back As Executive Director of Kendall College Trust

When Catherine De Orio (Cat) wants something, she gets it! Most people know her as the vibrant host of WTTW’s Check Please, but Catherine has an impressive resume. She triple majored in college getting degrees in art history, Italian language and literature, and political science and philosophy. She was a museum fellow at the Guggenheim Institute in Venice. She completed law school and had a successful career as a litigator. And then she enrolled at Kendall College of the Culinary Arts to honor her passion and follow her true calling.

Cat De Orio

In 2013, Cat beat out over 900 applicants to become the host of Check Please to replace former host, Alpana Singh. Catherine now holds many titles in addition to hosting one of America’s most popular culinary shows. She is a chef, journalist, public speaker, lifestyle expert, spokesperson, and the Executive Director of the Kendall College Trust.

Kendall College Trust

As a former culinary student of Kendall College, the job is near and dear to her. The trust offers financial assistance in the form of scholarships to students at Kendall who cannot afford the tuition. Though De Orio paid her own way through school, she understands that not everyone can afford that luxury. Catherine has been instrumental in the success of the Trust since joining in 2014. She has even developed a summer culinary camp for youth living in underserved Chicago neighborhoods via a partnership with CPS.

Fried Chicken & Champagne Fest

Under Catherine’s supervision of the programming, fundraising, and more, hundreds of students are able to achieve their dreams of earning a culinary arts degree and becoming chefs, bakers, restaurateurs, and more. To support the trust you can make a direct donation by visiting the Kendall College Trust online or by attending the annual Fried Chicken and Champagne Fest. Kendall College Trust Executive Director, Catherine De Orio will gather a roster of a dozen award-winning chefs who can make clucking awesome fried chicken to fry-up their take on this classic dish this November.

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