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Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of Back To School with Dwayne Reed

Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of Back To School with Dwayne Reed

This fall Old Navy is championing the unsung heroes of back-to-school – the incredible teachers – through a series of music videos. The eight videos feature original songs penned and performed by extraordinary teachers from across the United States. Created in partnership with Pharrell Williams’ creative collective, i am OTHER, the videos celebrate the launch of Old Navy’s cause platform ONward! focused on taking the next generation to the next level.

Please watch this video for a brief overview of the campaign.

Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of Back To School with Dwayne Reed

Dwayne Reed

5th Grade teacher at LEARN Campbell Elementary in Chicago

Song: Welcome Back to School

Video Link:

Dwayne Reed created a viral sensation with his 2016 YouTube music video

Welcome to the 4th Grade. The video, designed as a welcome letter to his incoming class, caught the attention of national media and became a hit with both students and parents.

Welcome to the 4th Grade served as the inspiration for the ONward! music project, and the impetus to find other amazing teachers to create original songs. A Chicago native, Mr. Reed will be entering his first year of teaching 5th Grade at LEARN Campbell Elementary, a Chicago charter school. He engages his students through original rap songs and has coined his musical style urban Disney.With the new song Welcome Back to School, Mr. Reed provides a sequel to Welcome to the 4th Grade with his signature dance moves and endearing swagger. In addition to penning his own lyrics, Mr. Reed helped develop many of the other songs on the ONward! album, working closely with several of the teachers selected from all around the country.

Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of Back To School with Dwayne Reed

In each video of the ONward! album, teachers impart important messages to the next generation through catchy tunes while outfitted in Old Navy’s latest back-to-school styles (see below for highlighted video info and attached for press release including all videos)

  • The title track “ONward!” by Cedric Gardner, Youth Specialist and Professional Dancer from Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, puts Old Navy’s cause platform to music, featuring Boys & Girls Club kids as back-up dancers.
  • “Welcome Back to School” by Dwayne Reed, a Fifth Grade teacher at LEARN Campbell in Chicago, provides a sequel to Mr. Reed’s 2016 viral sensation “Welcome to the 4th Grade” with his signature uplifting rap style.

The team at i am OTHER lent their expertise to the project, helping each teacher find their inner rock star through the songwriting and recording process. Darius Scott, a top 20 finalist from Pharrell Williams’ team on Season 9 of NBC’s The Voice, served as the lead music producer on the project and also stars in the ONward! video. All videos will be available on Old Navy’s YouTube page, and the songs also available via Apple Music and Spotify.

The videos celebrate Old Navy’s belief in big dreams and bigger opportunities for the next generation. Through cause platform ONward!, Old Navy partners with nonprofits to empower the next generation with real-world skills, training, and job opportunities to make a difference in our communities and blaze a path forward to a brighter future. For over a decade, Old Navy has partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs to help turn learners into leaders, and has donated over $10 million to support the cause. The brand has also been committed to providing youth from local nonprofits with 10,000 jobs by 2020 through the This Way Aheadpaid-internship and training program. Learn more at

During the back-to-school shopping season, Old Navy is sponsoring a fundraising campaign with the goal of raising $1 million to benefit Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) and Boys & Girls Club of Canada (BGCC). From July 27 to August 7, Old Navy will match in-store customer donations to BGCA and BGCC, combined up to $350,000. Customers can donate at the register at all U.S. and Canada stores. Old Navy is also adding functionality to their online checkout to allow customers to donate year-round to the nonprofits that ONward!supports.

Old Navy x i am OTHER: Final YouTube Video Links